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Dear History Passionate of D-DAY,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jean-Pierre, call me JP. I grew up in France and spent my childhood in Normandy and Brittany. (I express here all my apologies for my grammar and vocabulary hope this authentic written don't hurt you).

I made my first steps on the Normandy’s Beaches Utah and Omaha, when I was living at Saint Lo... Like you I am passionate about History and particularly about the facts who took place on June 6, 1944 in Normandy Known as D-DAY.

I am pleased to introduce our outstanding program; this is an opportunity that will make you a historical witness to History. Unique moments on the soil of Normandy allow you to better understand and interpret History.


Everything started few years ago, during a trip on D-Day sites in Normandy. I met many veterans of June 6. This was the first-time real heroes from the D-Day were in front of me. Their words were like a living History book.

Since I returned regularly to Normandy. In the Sainte-Mere-Eglise area, I met with reenactors. These are people that step back into the time with uniforms and period clothes, drive restored old Willys Jeep, and other vintage vehicles return as if the year was 1944 ... I had the strange sensation to step into the past. In the village of Sainte-Marie-du-Mont you can see the Airborne units gather around the church in an encampment recreated with perfection.

 It is as if the landing just happened. The villagers wearing for the occasion clothes fashionable to summer 1944, music hums to the tune of ‘Glen Miller’ American band along with others. There is an impulse to participate.


And here I am a new owner of a Willys Jeep, and I assure you that driving this car on Normandy causeways along gives you chills.

One day a C 47 flew over me, it circled and dropped Paratroopers that landed all around me. These guys wore authentic WW2 uniforms and faces make up in black camouflage. I was convinced.

A year later I was a Jump school graduated. Soon I was in the C47. The excitement was at its height, the engine noise, the smell of gasoline and oil, as well as vibration of the cabin and of course adrenaline shot launched us in the direction of Sainte-Mere-Eglise. Then:

The Jumpmaster sounds off the instructions

Get Ready, stand up, hook up, Check Static Line, Check Equipment, Sound off for equipment check ... and everyone replies “’OK’. Standing at the door ... the light turns red, then turns green; we are above the Drop Zone and this is the GO!

A count: 1 thousand, 2 thousand, 3 thousand, 4 thousand, and the violent impact and brutal opening of the parachute. Then the song of silence and the aircraft huming on its way. There is something magical at that exact moment.

The ground approaches quickly, 90 seconds of descent and PLF (Parachute Landing Fall) ... We are on the soil of Normandy; I realize that I have an experience of another dimension that only few people have the chance to perform.


June 2, 2016: Normandy Sainte-Mere-Eglise vicinity

My 70th jump and this time, it is in a tree that finished my flight and then to the hospital I understand that I will not jump again before long time. But morale is good and my passion even more strengthened.


I use this period of rehabilitation to build a new project to share my passion I create D-DAY Memory Tour. The concept is simple. We take you back in time with my team. You will experience the history of D-Day in a different way, very personal, as a witness of History. We want to be different, our expertise and knowledge will serve you. We will share with you, times full of emotion and truth. We believe that history can be experienced in immersion by being there.  While we remember how many young soldiers came to fight so very far from home for FREEDOM. Guaranteed authentic adventure as no one has experienced before. Our different composition should allow a choice suitable to your desire. We aim to please in fulfilling your wishes, but always with the respect for the sanctuary of landscape and for the honor of those who were there this June 6, 1944.

Jean-Pierre Paviot


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