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Tours Dates: 2023

On demand. from May to September



This Program invites people to relive History as an ACTOR, obviously we can personalize each program for people who want to relive special mission, 82nd 101st or 4th ID, 2nd Armored Division…


This program sounds like a rough trip but it is more an experience as the reenactor use to do it during events in USA…but this time it happens in Normandy. This expedition needs a very good health, it’s similar to a military boot camp, but always SAFETY first…


  • SMALL Group looking like a SQUAD… 10 to 12 soldiers

  • We could have Two Groups running at the same time.

  • One Historical mission a day


What is included:

  • Pickup at Carentan Rail Station

  • Guide

  • Jeeps + gas

  • Food self-cooking, K ration plus French food 3 times a day

  • Facilities HQ, Shower, Toilets

  • Camp facilities


What is not included:


  • All transportation to and from Carentan Rail Station.

  • Drinks

  • Foods that are not included in the program

  • All entrances to museums, art galleries, etc. not specified in the itinerary… Museums are not our main objective but people can go during or after their Trip… Our Museum is the Landscape.

  • All items of a personal nature Telephone calls, laundry,

  • All private excursions not specified in the itinerary

  • Any public transport, Taxi, local bus, rail or flights not specified in the itinerary

  • Gratuities for Local Guides or assistance, sales tax, etc.…(see terms and conditions)


  • Reenactor needs to bring with their own Uniform and equipment

  • No Guns or replica, French Laws are very strict about that

  • Reenactor needs to be part of a US reenactor organization

  • Reenactor should know about DDAY History, important to share with the other guest

  • Reenactor is able to set up a camp facility, tent fox hole…

  • Reenactor is able to drive a jeep Manual speed, US driver License is mandatory, and 25 years old.

  • Reenactor accepts to welcome “standard guests*” in the group.

  • Reenactor accepts Waiver condition

  • Reenactor needs to have a travel insurance coverage ex: “Seven corners”

*standard guest main people who buy a DDMT program like Screaming Eagle Tour or All the way Tour. In any condition they will wear WWII uniform a least HBT suit.

jeep normandie grouipe.png





  • Departure for material and jeep recovery

  • Assignment of Jeep and Dodge, introduction to the coaching team

  • Drive school for the vehicles on road and off road mode

  • Our first mission by jeep, we drive along the small pathway, and will avoid as much as possible the routes.

  • Using your compass and your map you will drive by yourself in our convoy to reach the first point of rendez-vous where we will make a stop for a lunch around noon at Sainte-Marie-du-Mont.

  • During the the afternoon, will drive in our convoy to visit a part of the ATLANTIC WALL and associated sites.

  • We will come back to our HQ for a debriefing of the day’s activities during the dinner and will learn how to pack a parachute




Remember we are in June 1944 somewhere in Normandy…

  • You will find yourself in the body of a pathfinder of the 101st Airborne 506 PIR, you will drive in two groups to DZ to install the ‘eureka” system marker’. You will be dropped in the dark, in a hostile environment where could be hidden the enemy. The greatest vigilance is required during this operation. The mission accomplished, we will regroup and continue our progression as did the pathfinders on the night of June 5 to 6 to a strategic and historical target.


The marker « EUREKA » are positioned, our progress will take place in the area where the Screaming Eagle made their first contact with the enemy we will spend the rest of the night in a place close from here.




Wake up and breakfast


  • Departure toward the Drop Zone area of the 101st Airborne 506 PIR. The Famous ‘Easy Company’ lead by the legendary Dick Winter. In this area we will explore the Manor of Brecourt and will learn about the attack against the Germans Battery.

  • We will pass near the General Taylor HQ and the location of the first allies military field hospital in Normandy.

  • We will then depart for the landing beach at Utah.       

  • Lunch at Utah beach

  • we will visit the museum and surrounding area, and if possible take a ride on the beach.

  • Departure for Sainte-Mere-Eglise, the

  • 82nd Airborne site.

  • Arrive at accommodations for the night.

  • Diner at the Camp , BBQ




  • Wake up and Breakfast

  • We will visit the famous battle sites of the 82nd Airborne led by General Gavin. You will relive the scenes were featured in ‘the Longest day’.

  • Le port Filliolet le mur de la Liberté.

  • The Bridge of LA FIERE.

  • The Gavin position.

  • The HQ General FALLEY, and place he was killed.

  • The “Verger de Times”.

  • We will make a stop for lunch in the village of Sainte-Mere-Eglise.

  • We will take the opportunity to visit the Airborne Museum and the church where paratroopers landed on the rooftop early on June 6th…You will have some time to stroll through this city that was one of the first town to be liberated on D-DAY.

  • Ride to Ecausseville to discover the hangar...

  • Back to the HQ 82nd for debreifing

  • Dinner at Picauville




  • Wake up and Breakfast.

  • Departure to Carentan and Saint Come du Mont. On our way we will cross the village named Angoville au Plain, we will make a stop at “la Barquette”, and we resume the road toward Carentan.                       

  • Arrive at Carentan for a typical 1944 lunch.

  • We plan the visit of the Museum « Dead’s Man Corner » and the Dakota simulator, at D-DAY EXPERIENCE.      

  • Arrive at our place for debriefing 




  • Wake up and Breakfast

  • Depart for « La Pointe du HOC », and view damage and the chaos caused by the Navy and Air Force on the morning of June 6th, we will see the cliffs that Army Rangers, had to scale while under the fire from 200 Germans defending their position.

  • Depart for Omaha Beach, where we will take a ride on the shore. On the way, we will pass the American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer. We will experience the emotion of the burial place of the 9,387 soldiers.         

  • On our return journey, we will visit the “Overlord Museum”. Opened in 2013 it is the most recent museum dedicated to the D-Day. It displays many realistic dioramas.

  • It’s time to leave for « Sainte-Mere-Eglise », we will make a stop to see the “Maisy and Martiniere” German Batteries.         

  • Arrive at destination, this will be our last night. We will be back to our time with a better understanding of the teamwork bravery, and sacrifice experiences over 73 years ago. During dinner, there will be a ceremony to honor those who took part in the liberation of France.



  • This morning is free. Departure will be at 12:00 am. For those who don’t extend their trip, a shuttle will pick you up to Paris CDG. For those who continue their journey with us, the shuttle will come to pick you up early in the morning toward CAEN for a continuation of the travel that will lead you to Bastogne and the History of the “Battle of the Bulge.

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